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ArrangerPromoThe Arranger is an application to arrange the windows of your active applications or the Finder. Arrange up to 4 different application windows automatically – you don’t have to set up which window should be arranged in which way.  Use a Finder Split to create two Finder windows to be able to move files easily between them. Of course, you can resize and position the window of your active application or the Finder in many different ways, too. Set up some hotkeys for the functions you need and enjoy arranging your windows – that’s all. For more details, demo videos and nice preferences, take a look at the following sections.


  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) or later
  • Enabled Access for assistive devices (Accessibility)


Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 09.16.27     Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 09.17.06

Big Picture:

The following graphic gives you an overview of Arranger’s features.


Notice: Quarter windows and half windows are available for Finder (blue) and Application functions (yellow). The windows for “Arrange Windows” (red) contain the number of active applications and how they will be arranged.

Arrange Windows:

With “Arrange Windows” you can arrange windows of up to 4 different running applications. Only the main windows are included in the arrangement process. The Arranger ignores closed or hidden windows, some ways to exclude windows from being arranged. The following table shows the possibilities how windows are arranged.

Number of Apps Arrangement
1 Centered Window
2 Split view with one window on the left and one on the right half.
3 Split view with one window on the one half and two windows with half height on the other.
4 2 x 2 grid, all windows with half height and half width.

Finder Windows:

The Arranger can create or arrange one or two Finder windows. When they already exist, they will be just arranged. You can do this by clicking the corresponding item in the menu or by shortcut. Possible arrangements are:

  • 1 centered Window
  • Left Side:
    • 1 Window on the left half
    • 1 Window on the upper left half
    • 1 Window on the lower left half
  • Right Side:
    • 1 Window on the right half
    • 1 Window on the upper right half
    • 1 Window on the lower right half
  • Split Functions:
    • 2 Windows – vertical split with half height
    • 2 Windows – vertical split with full height
    • 2 Windows – horizontal split with full width

Application Windows:

You can arrange the window of your active application in the following ways. Just click the menu item or use a shortcut, which you can set in the Arranger preferences:

  • Centered
  • Fullsize
  • Left Side:
    • Left Half
    • Top Left
    • Bottom Left
  • Right Side:
    • Right Half
    • Top Right
    • Bottom Right

Window Snapping

With Arranger 1.3+ it is possible to snap windows to screen edges, well known from other operating systems. This means, you can drag and drop a window to a screen edge and it will be resized and positioned automatically. You can enable/disable the snapping in the preferences and set the width/height of the Snapping Zones. There’s a setting to switch between center or fullsize a window with a Top Snapping.SnappingZones

Demo Video



You can open the preferences via the main menu. You can set the following options:

  • General Settings:
    • Launch at Login
    • Enable/Disable the Window Snapping
    • Center window instead of fullsize it with Top Snapping
  • Metrics:
    • Margins (left/right/bottom), e.g. to leave some space for the Dock
    • The width for centered windows (for functions Arrange Windows and Center Window)
    • Widths and Heights for the Snapping Zones
  • Hotkeys: Set shortcuts for all arrangement functions.
  • Applications: You can exclude applications from the arrangement process (= Arrange Windows) by adding them to the list of excluded apps. Enter the app name without extension (“.app”). Look at the screenshot for examples.
  • Updates


Known Issues

  • All arrangement functions don’t work as described.

Step1: Make sure the Finder is running. When you’re using Finder replacement apps perhaps the Finder isn’t running or hidden. You NEED the Finder to use the Arranger functions. Try rebooting the system after reactivating the Finder.

Step2: Go to System Preferences -> Accessibility and check “Enable access for assistive devices”. If you’re running Mavericks you can access these settings via System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Accessibility. Just add the Arranger to the list of apps.


  • “Arrange Windows” doesn’t work.

Make sure that there are not more than 4 apps with visible windows on your screen. All apps with indicator lights in the dock (that means they’re active) are included in the arrangement process, even when its window is minimized. Of course you can use the “Arrange Windows” function when more than 4 apps are active, but only 4 app windows will be arranged, so you have to exlude apps from beeing arranged. To exclude apps, add them to the list of apps in the Arranger preferences, hide the app or close all windows of the application. Hint: The Finder usually is always running.

  • Multi-Monitor Support

Since version 1.2 the Arranger uses only the main monitor for arranging apps.

License & Download

The Arranger will be published as donationware (freeware). You can use all features for free, without limitations.

License File

If you like the Arranger, tell your friends about it and feel free to donate. You can help getting a better  website, support and new features.

The main reason for this licensing model is, that I want to reach as many peoples as possible, to help them arranging their  windows in a cool way and to get much feedback to be able to improve the Arranger. Enjoy arranging your windows!


For feature requests, bugs, questions or any kind of feedback, write an email to:


Thanks for your support!

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