Scoreboard is the ultimate application to show and log the player scores of every game you play. It allows you to add different types of games with different start and increment/decrement values. Add players to a game and modify their scores just by tapping the +/- buttons. The grid view of Team Score is ideal for card and board games up to 8 players to see name, current score and the history of each player. For a simple and easy handling, it is possible to modify players and games with nice swipe and longpress gestures. You won’t need paper and pencil anymore to play your favorite games!


  • iPad with iOS 9.0 or newer


  • Add different Game Types with different increment/decrement and initial Values
  • Add up to 8 Players to a Game (grid view)
  • Delete a Game via a left Swipe Gesture or via the Edit Button (batch deletion)
  • Sort games by Name, Date or manually
  • Add or subtract Scores just by tapping the +/- buttons
  • Scroll through a Player’s history
  • Delete a Player via left swipe
  • Reset a Player by longpressing the player’s view
  • Reset all Players/the game
  • Set Scores directly by longpressing the +/- buttons
  • Edit the name of a Player
  • Share your results/hitlist via Email
  • Dark Mode
  • Use synced scrolling to scroll through all Player histories simultanously
Team Score
Team Score
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