is an application to create autostereograms. An autostereogram is an image that creates the visual illusion of a 3D scene by viewing a total different pattern image with the right vergence.

All you need is a depth map and a pattern image. You can use your own pattern image, a random dot pattern (default) or capture a pattern from your screen. The depth map should be a 3D model (greyscale image). You can create your own depth map (see here) or use one from the built-in image browser. So choose your images and your output settings and generate your personal autostereogram with just one click.


  • creation of awesome autostereograms
  • built-in browser for depth maps
  • use your own depth map or pattern
  • capture a pattern from your screen
  • choose pattern scaling, disparity and output width
  • save the created autostereogram to a file (bmp, tiff)

Important: Too small pattern images or a too high output width increase the processing time to generate your autostereogram. The recommended height and width for the pattern image is between 50 and 100 px. Too big pattern images will generate corrupt stereograms, too.

Create your own Depth Maps

You don’t know where you can get some cool depth maps or you want to create your own depth maps? Then Follow me.

Entwickler: Peter Nicklas
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    1. Hi!

      Go to System Preferences → Language & Region.
      In your language list on the left English has to be above German.
      Drag and drop the language to modify its position. Then restart Stereogram.

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