Team Roulette mobile


Do you need a random order or random teams for your company or any games you play? So take advantage of Team Roulette mobile (for iOS) as a simple random team generator/team randomizer.

Simply add your friends/co-workers/team members to the list of players and create the teams with just one tap. Swipe to add Players or to delete/deactivate them. Shuffle teams by shaking your device. You can also share your teams or games with others.

For random orders just use a teamsize of 1. You can set your teamsize and color theme via the settings.


  • Very simple interface and usage
  • Creation of random teams and random orders.
  • Use Groups to organize different groups of people you want to shuffle (work/family/friends …)
  • Choose between a teamsize or a fixed number of teams to create your teams.
  • Use the NumPad to set the teamsize or fixed number of teams or to switch between these two options.
  • Interaction:
    • Swipe down to add a player
    • Swipe left to delete, deactivate or activate a Player
    • Shake your device to shuffle Teams
  • Team Roulette uses Core Data to save your list of friends/co-workers.
  • Share Options for created teams and games (1 Match, All vs. All)
  • Nice Color Themes
  • No Ads, No In-App Purchases


4.7-Inch-1 4.7-Inch-2 4.7-Inch-3

‎Team Roulette
‎Team Roulette
Entwickler: Peter Nicklas
Preis: 1,99 €

also available for OS X:

‎Team Roulette
‎Team Roulette
Entwickler: Peter Nicklas
Preis: 0,99 €

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